Deleting Apps

Hi. Does anyone know how to delete apps with the latest IOS update? Thanks in advance.


Deleting apps

Swipe down with one finger, voiceover should announce 'edit mode' , double tap and you should hear 'started editing', then swipe down again with one finger, you should hear 'delete', if you don't hear 'delete' swipe down again until you do, then double tap once you hear delete' , after you are done swipe down again and double tap on 'stop editing apps'. hth

Hi, Yes it does. Find the app

Hi, Yes it does. Find the app you wish to delete, then swipe with one finger till it says edit mode. double tap on edit mode, and swipe up or down till it says delete. Double tap on delete and it'll ask you if you wish to do this. Tap delete after the prompt and that app should be gone from your device.

I have been told by an MLB

I have been told by an MLB representative at its toll-free phone number that I need to uninstall and reinstall the At Bat app on my 6s plus IPhone for 2018. I have already deleted the At bat app I had, which was updated as of two days ago. Is there a difference between "reinstalling" which I am seeing now, and "redownloadinb", which is what I am seeing through voiceover in the app store. Thanks for any ideas on what to do from here.s o

RE: I have been told by an MLB

When you delete an app and wish to reinstall it, the app store will show a download icon, which means that you are reinstalling the app. If you have an app problem, sometimes by deleting and then redownload/installing the app will fix the problem.