The Death of Roger


i just came across this post on twitter. it contains a link to the blogging service where roger posts news about their app.

As of March 15, 2017, Roger will officially be pulled from the app store and no messages will be sent or received. Here's the blog confirming it

I must say I'm extremely sad to see roger go, as it's given me the opportunity to make some really awesome friends. I guess we'll see what happens next.


i'm sad, but hopeful that What's App will be a replacement

I first heard about this on Vorail yesterday and it totally sucks! Doesanyone know how accessible What's App is and if it will be a good replacement for Roger? I'm going to miss Roger, it had an awesome run, I guess the developers feel that it's time to shut it down and bring in some video equivalent for the cited named Fika.


what's is very usable with VO, but the sound quality of messages isn't nearly as good. For me, sound quality is a must have, as it accessibility.

I posted a review already. It

I posted a review already. It's almost there, sound quality is good for me, but I din't think it will be unlimited and the interface is clunky at best.


Yep, I've heard other reviews as well. NOt a fan so far.

tried whatsapp

a long time ago i tried to download whats app to my device and unfortunately its uncompatible:( :( but zello, imo and all work

What's app is just fine

What's app is really the best since Roger is going away, it's a real shame but the money's gotta come from somewhere, and Roger was fun but it wasn't really a money maker. They gotta keep the lights on.

I will not use what's app. I

I will not use what's app. I just won't give my phone number out and I don't want a phone number to add people to a group. I wish what's app had a way to talk without a phone number. I'd gladly give out my email. Plus you cannot background the app, you cannot hold down the PTT button unless you do a voiceover work around. I want to leave 20 minute long messages like I've ben doing with roger.


Do you mean tap and the button stays held down, or do you just mean press and hold? Because, I've not had to turn VO off to use the PTT button. I just tried this the other day.

RIP Roger

RIP roger. it was fun, but as @toonhead stated, it wasn't really a money maker. Sure, I loved what's app, but as @ke7zum states, I don't want to give out my phone number to everyone. I just prefer to have an app like Zello, that will let you sign up using your email and username. I was also apart of a group, but since I've left, I've already deleted my account. I also removed the app from my phone, and only use Zello, as well as facetime. RIP Roger, you will be mist. but at least we have Zello. Glide was another app I used to use, but not that accessible. I even sent the devs an email but no answer. anyways, back on topic. I had lots of fun. now, we basically lost 2 voice messageing apps. first cord, now roger? wow. semes like things are changing in the social media landscape.

No, you cannot lock the ptt

No, you cannot lock the ptt button down using what's app. I didn't know you could listen to messages you missed in a history wiht zello. How long do they stay there?


@ke7zum to answer your question, forever. history in Zello is great for replaying messages you've mist. I've tryed, but I'm now on a waiting list. I prefer Zello, though, since the quality is great and you could save messages in the history.

Actually I hear artifacting

Actually I hear artifacting in zello. I'll still keep it around, allo gives me a clear sound but I need to hold down the ptt button and I have a bad wrist so it's hard for me to do for more than a minute or so.

It's also too bad wiht zello I can't upload audio direct to my channel using ifttt or some other thing.


Roger is not as powerful as Zello. Zello has live PTT communication where Roger o\you gotta go to the app to listen. Plus, Zello you can do a magic tap in the background to speak. I believe roger can too but zello has quicker response.
Just my opinion.

I agree

I agree. and @ke7zum your zello username is the same? if yes, I'll add you into my contacts. and you could set the button to toggle by going into the ptt options in the options screen, then set the ptt button to toggle. bingo. hope that helps.


I am sad to see Roger go. While it was a lot of fun, in another way I am not surprised as they have not released an update in almost 3 months, especially when you consider updates were being rolled out quite regularly. Unfortunately, Roger caused issues from me since day 1, the most notable problem for me being having to constantly "get started". This has happened more times in the last few weeks than I care to remember. I agree with Ke7zum as I do not wish to use an app where giving out my phone number is essential. I downloaded Zello this morning and I think it is going to work just fine.


If I could have the option rather or not to autoplay messages in Zello I'd like it better. I'm not a fan of required autoplay, as I don't find it to be convenient most of the time.

cOmments on autoplay et al

The only way not to auto play is to set status to busy. You have to go in the history but it works. You cannot interrupt, that would be nice, but this works to.

I'd also like to see in zello a way to upload audio to a group or a contact, this way when I'm out or have a clip from the studio to play I don't have to hold the phone up to the speaker. Very not professional in my opinion.The only way not to auto play is to set status to busy. You have to go in the history but it works. You cannot interupt, that would be nice, but this works to.

my zello info

My zello name by the way is the same as here, yes. So anyone that wants to add me go head and do so, Just not I'm busy with 4 jobs so might not get around to replying right away.

the ting is

I think the main is. it need to have money to keep the app up and running. so, it is the thing!

My zello info

If anyone wants to add me, my zello username is the same as on here, so feel free to do so.