Creating movies with iMovie for iOS

Hello all.

I need some help with using iMovie on ios with VoiceOver. I’m specifically having major issues with cutting in the middle of a video and creating an intro.

Are there any guides out there to help with using VO with iMovie on ios? I refuse to think basic video editing is not accessible if your blind, but I’m also very stubborn.



Not completely accessible

If you're trying to cut in the middle of a video, then that section of the app is not accessible with voiceover on the iPhone. What you might want to try to do is to trim your videos from the camera roll first, then import them into your project. And when it comes to creating your intro, best to do that part separately, and then put everything together with iMovie.
I recently started a series on getting started with iMovie on the iPhone. Check out the playlist here, and more will be coming soon.