creating folders on an iPhone 5s with IOS 9.2.1

Hi All,

I'm trying to create a games folder on my iPhone 5s, and I have 2 of the games on a page where they are the only 2 aps but when I drag either ap on top of the other and lift my finger the folder isn't created.

I know of the problem of not being able to add an ap from the line above the doc to a folder but is that my problem? I have more games that I want to put in the folder but I thought I'd start with just 2 games to get things started and then work on moving my other games to that page and into the folder. I have the latest IOS, 9.2.1.


I think you have to hold your

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I think you have to hold your finger still for several seconds until Voiceover announces, "Creating folder." HTH

Small Finger Movements Will Help

When creating a folder, sometimes it seems that you have the two apps on top of each other but it's not quite accurate. When this happens then the folder isn't created. To try to actually create the folder, when moving the icon, just tilt the finger slightly to the right or left, until you actually hear VO indicate that it's creating the folder. You will hear the accompanying beep beep beep sound that indicates the folder is being created. Once you hear the beeps then you actually don't have to keep your finger there anymore. The app will be moved in the folder but you won't actually open it unless you keep your finger in place until the beeps stop and you then hear the folder opening noise.


thank you Roxann, success!

Hello Roxann,

Okay I followed your instructions and the folder is created with my first 2 aps in it, now will I need to do the same thing as far as tilting my finger when I move other aps into that folder?