Creating and managing lists within the TweetList pro app

Hello all, How do I create a list within the TweetList pro app? For example, I would like to have a news list for various news feeds so I can read them when I have time. Once I have a list created how would I get specific tweets such as Yahoo News to go into the news list? I have an iPhone 4S. Thank you.


#1 Creating lists

Hey I'll give you a brief explanation so let me know if you need more details. When you open tweetlist, double tap on the more tab on the bottom right of the screen. From there you need to double tap on my profile and then my lists. This will take you to a screen where you can edit and create lists. To create a new one, double tap on the edit button on the top right and then double tap on create list. You will be given an option to name the list and set its privacy level. When you're done, double tap create which is on the top right. Then double tap the done button which is on the top right again. To add a user to a list, go to their profile and find a button that says list add /remove. This will take you to a similar screen as the one from before. Double tap on each list that you want to add the user to and then double tap on done which is on the top right. You can also create a new list from this screen. Hope this helps.