Could I use iCloud to share folders with other Apple users, as we can do for example with Dropbox?

Goodmroning everyone,
as I have all my things on Icloud, I wondered me if it could be possible to use Icloud to share folders with other people who have Icloud too, in this case, I would avoid to install Dropbox or other coluds?, If it's possible, pelase, someone could give me all instructions to do it?. Many thanks in advance and who is on holidyas, have a wonderful time!. aría


I may be incorrect but no...

I may be wrong but I don't think that the current version of iCloud works like that. You can share documents by sending them but I don't think you can share links to folders or files. This may have changed but I'm fairly certain its one area where dropbox is a bit better. Sorry if it's not the answer you wanted.

No you cannot. At least I

No you cannot. At least I don't think you can. I've in my almost 10 years of usign ios read many articles that conflict in this answer.

Not at the moment, but this

Not at the moment, but this is one of the big improvements to Files coming in iOS 13 and iPadOS 13.

Uh? I'm a beta tester and I

Uh? I'm a beta tester and I didn't know about this. I guess I'll learn this on my own. I love learning.

iOS 13 is the answer

You will supposedly be able to do that in iOS 13. That's not a long wait any more. :-)

Mail Drop

At the present time, you can email file attachments, and if they're big enough, Mail prompts to use Mail Drop, which makes the files available on iCloud for 30 days. I'm definitely looking forward to the full file-sharing feature in iOS 13, though.

I hope really that it comes with Ios 13

Goodmorning everone,
I really hope that sharing files possibility comes with Ios 13. At the moment, I use Icloud for everything, I bought 50 Giga and so I really would be keep it as my only cloud, I think it has no sense pay more money for dropbox, for example, in adition because of I never understood dropbox, I never was able to managge it completely.
ON the other hand, about Email files sharing, I think that at the present time it depens on the files size. Some days ago, I tried to send by email a big folder, and Icloud told me that it was to big, and sent me an error message. Because of this the sharing folder option would be, or will be wonderful, and I really hope that soon it becomes a real thing.
Have a nice day!

Just got this from mac

Just got this from mac roomers. Apparently this is no more.

ICYMI: iCloud folder sharing disappears from iOS 13

So I guess we will not be able to do this after all, Oh well. We'll see in 7 days though I guess.