Converting an MP3 file to M4R

I don't have iTunes on my computer. Found an MP3 ringtone and need to convert it to an M4R format. I know you can't just change the extension. Is there an accessible site for this? Or is there an app? Thanks for your help.


this is how I do it on windows.

I use goldwave to open the file, as goldwave can save a file as an M4A file. once you open the mp3 file. just do a save as in gold wave, and then make sure to pick the m4a format. once you do this, just find the file in windows explorer, and rename the file to an m4r file. it is that easy. hope this helps you out.

Creating M4R files

If you do not own GoldWave for making this format conversion, you can use the free audio editor Audacity to do the same thing by following the same steps.

This is how I make ring tones for my iPhone.



You need iTunes installed on your computer to transfer the ringtone file to the iPhone. I believe iTunes needs to be installed in order for Gold Wave to convert the file to m4a. What I do is import the file into iTunes, use the convert AAC version in the context menu, select show in Finder/Windows Explorer in that same menu, and then rename the file in Windows Explorer/Finder to ringtonename.m4r. When that's done, I open the renamed file in iTunes and go to my iPhone settings. You need to select tones from the list of categories and check the sync all ringtones checkbox. This step is very important or else the ringtone won't sync. As a final point, keep in mind that the ringtones you create have to be less than 40 seconds long.

Thank you all!

Thank you, everyone, for your help with the file conversion and ringtone suggestions. Hopefully this process will get easier in the future.