Continuous reading in Text Edit

This question may have been asked before in one way or another. i received a new MacBook Pro for Christmas and have just started working with it. I've noticed that when in Text Edit, you can read using the arrow keys by line or even by paragraph, but I was wondering if you can read continuously from where you are in a document until the end or you press the Control key to stop. My understanding is that the command Voiceover keys plus A will do this, but every time I've done this command, it reads from the start of the document, not from where you are positioned further down in the document. Is there a way to correct this?


#1 Hi Chad! If you first

Hi Chad! If you first interact with the text in textedit with "vo-shift-down arrow" it will begin reading from where you are. Otherwise it starts from the top. Or that's my experience anyway. Jim

#2 Excellent resources...

Hi, I see that You already have the answer to Your question, but I thought that I would also link You to this excellent resource for Keyboard Controls: You could also try using a two finger Swipe down on Your track pad. HTH Sea No Evil.

#3 Readingfrom curser to end of document

Good morning. There are two commands that will help you here. One is the one you mentioned Control-Option-a which does read from curser to end. In text edit or in any document be sure that you are interacting with the body of the document and be sure your voiceover curser is at the place you want to start. Usually the voiceover curser follows the keyboard focus or the regular curser unless this has been changed in the VoiceOver utility. The next command is Control-Option-b which will read from the beginning of the document to the end or the entire document no matter where the curser is positioned.