(Closed.) Offering a free copy of AudioWizards to someone lucky

Hello all,
I'm really not the type of person to go forward with this, but I want to be generous to those others like me who can't afford the game or are not eligible for a credit card quite yet.
So, with the help of myTrueSound, I'm giving my earned copy as a winner of their designer competition under the category 'Hats', of AudioWizards to a lucky individual.
I will collect all the names of people who ask into a randomizer, and by Saturday November 23rd, I'll randomize the randomizer. The person who falls at the top of the list will be the winner of the code to download the game!
Each person only gets into the list once, so posting several times asking will not increase your chances.
I hope this goes well, and someone gets to play the awesome game created by these kind developers.
Let the asking begin!


#1 Entering the contest.

I'd like to submit my name for the contest.
Jay Pellis
Twitter is:
I assume you would contact through there or a private message here on apple vis?
Thanks and good luck everyone!

#2 Requesting to be added to the contest list

App Developer

Hello Tunmi,

I'm arvind and i'm asking to be added to the audio wizards draw list;
Thank you very much and best regards

#3 Entering the contest

Hello. I also would like to enter to the contest. Thanks.

#4 Wanted to be listed in to the randomiser

Hello, I also would love to be entered in to the contest as well

#5 I would like to get this game if I can

My name is Emily Chia
Facebook is Emily chia thanks and hope to see what happens

#6 Hello, I would like to be

Hello, I would like to be entered in to the contest as well

#7 Done

I've added all 6 of you to the list. Best of luck to all of you!

#8 @#2

Yes, the winner will announced here and they will also be sent an AppleVis message if they have it enabled. If not they can claim their code by Twitter or other form of contact.

#9 May I try?

If so, please add me to the list aswell. Thanks very much

#10 You are in

You are in.

#11 Entering the contest

Hello, can you add me to the contest as well? Thanks a lot!

#12 Entering the contest

I would like to join.

#13 I'm also in

Let me also be in.


#14 I'm interested in joining aswell

Hi. My name is Valentin and I want to join the competition. If it happens that I win please write a comment here or drop me an e-mail.
Kind regards, Valentin

#15 I would like to participate

I would like to participate in the contest as well

#16 I would also like to be added

I would also like to be added to this giv-a-away as well. My name is Ron.

#17 So far, so good

There are now 13 entries in the randomizer. So this is going well.

#18 I would like to be added

Hi! I would like to be added as well, my name is Gianluca.
Kind regards.

#19 Is there any room for me?

Please add me too! Do I have to give my real name or can I just use my user name? Good luck to all.

#20 Entering contest

Hello, I'd like to add my name to the pool. Thank you.

#21 May I join?

Hello, may I join?

#22 Heads up

From now on you won't see me saying "you're in, you're in, you're in." I will acknowledge every post I see silently as not to spam.
So if I don't reply, don't think I haven't added you yet.

#23 Count me in

I like to join as well

#24 Entering the contest/drawing

Gerardo Corripio from Mexico, with Twitter @mivozmimundo

#25 I'd like to enter for this.

Hello, i'd like to put my name in for this chance. Serena from Australia.
twitter is SerenaMoana
thanks so much for this chance.

#26 Topic closure warning

This topic will close around Saturday afternoon. The winner will be announced, and the code will be sent their way.
I hope someone wins.

#27 Winner is....

EmilyChia1!!! Congrats on your your success!

#28 Congratulations to the winner

Congratulations to the winner

#29 Thank you guys

Thank you I’m so honored and happy that I have one, thank you guys for the congratulations the game is amazing thank you for giving me this chance to be a part of it. I have just got my code and I have been playing for almost 20 minutes now and I love it thank you again for this opportunity