Charging apple watch

What is the duration of an Apple Watch for charging how long does it take to charge the Apple Watch on the UK standard this I cannot hear anything so did person cannot see anything saying the charging time


battery charging times

hi. it takes 1.5 hours to charge the battery to 80 %, and 2.5 hours to charge to 100 %.

You can find the battery level in the glances

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Do a two finger flick up to enter the glances.
Now flick with two fingers right and left to see the various glances including battery level.

By using he sub-features called complications, you can add a charge level indicator to your watch screen

Do a hard press on your watch screen. Now flick down and you will hear customize.

Double tap the screen.
Now go to a corner and tap, you will hear, editing complications.

Use the digital crown to select battery, then press the digital crown.
Now tap the watch face and double tap it to finish.

When you are on the watch face and you tap that corner, voice over will announce the battery level.