Capitalisation in Braille screen input

Hi guys, as the title state about, how to capitalize Braille letters I type in? E.g I write my first name with capital in the middle of the sentence?

Any help are much appreciated.


#1 press dot 6

Hi, just simple, press dot 6, and the first letter will be uppercase

#2 Hi,


Braille screen input capitalization is the same as regular Braille; type dot 6 before any letter you want to have upper case.


#3 also

If you want caps lock in brail, press dot 6 twice, that will make all letters typed be uppercase

#4 capitalisation of a passage

And, if you want to capitalise a passage, dot 6 three times at the beginning of the passage, then dot 6 followed by dot 3 at the end. This works is you are using UEB as your Braille table.

#5 thank you all

all responses are greatly appreciated!