Can't create groups in Whatsapp

I don't use Whatsapp hardly at all but I just tried to create a group under Chats and found it's impossible to add someone. I did a search in contacts and the person I needed came up. Double-tapping on the name should add them to the group but nothing happens. A tap and hold does nothing either. Is this a recent bug and has anyone found a work-around. I haven't reported it until someone confirms it is a bug.


#1 Confirmed

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Unfortunately I can confirm this bug. When you go to add a person to a group, you should get a list of all your contacts who have WhatsApp. I can see enough to see that the list is still there, but it has become invisible to VoiceOver. It must be the most recent version of the app, because I use WhatsApp all the time and only had this bug for the first time today.
If you search for a contact, you can swipe to their name, but as you said, double tapping on it does nothing. The only workaround I found was to turn off VoiceOver, tap just below where the search field is, and turn VoiceOver back on. It's tricky though.
WhatsApp need to get this sorted fast.

#2 Fixed

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Good news, this bug is now fixed in the latest update.