Cannot delete an app from launchpad using VoiceOver on Mac Os X 10.11

Hello everyone,
I've found something that I think is a bug. When I move to an app that can be uninstalled in Launchpad then press VO-CMD-Spacebar and choose delete, I here VoiceOver indicate that a popover has appeared requesting for a password for the administrator account, correct me if I'm wrong. Is there a safe way to work around this issue? Any help would be appreciated.


just press return

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I was able to reproduce this issue where selecting delete from the actions menu resulted in a popover that Voiceover failed to focus to. I just pressed the return key and the popover seemed to go away and the app was deleted. I was not prompted for an administrator password, but I was logged in to the computer as an administrator.


Still can't resolve the issue

Hello there,
I tried pressing return after selecting delete from the actions menu, but the popover did not disappear. I'm logged in as an administrator and I have a password set for that account.