Can you set a schedule for email in the iOS mail app?

does any one know if you can set a schedule for mail in the iOS mail app?


E-Mail Schedule

Yes, you can set a schedule for your emails. There are a few ways to do this. One is: Open the Settings app, go to Mail, click on the account you want. After that it will tell you whether you can push or fetch data and further below to set this schedule/frequency. To set the fetch schedule, that is further down on the first page of the mail screen when you open it in the Settings app, just down at the bottom.
If you need to set up each individual box for mail and the deletion frequency: go to the Settings app, click on your eye cloud name, scroll down to Mail, click on advanced settings, and there you can set them. Before you decide to go back out, save your changes. If you don’t, then those changes will not be made and you’ll half to repeat this process again. Hope this helps and good luck!

E-Mail Issues

Sorry about that, it’s under the accounts and passwords in the settings app. The same information still applies just in this section of the settings app. Hope this helps and if you’re still having trouble please let me know and I’ll try to help better. Good luck!

Depends what you mean

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Hi, it depends what you mean by schedule. If you want to schedule how often the Mail app fetches new mails, then yes, as @Kai25 says, you can do so in Settings>Passwords&Accounts, below the list of accounts.
However, if you want to draft an email to be automatically sent at a later specified time or date, which is what I thought you meant in your question, then the answer is no.