can I use apple tv without cutting the cable?

I'm still deciding rather to purchase an apple tv or not. My question is can I use apple tv while I still have my regular cable? If so is it hard to switch back and forth between when I wanna listen to regular cable and apple tv?


switching sources

The process of switching between the Apple TV and your cable inputs is reasonably easy. You just need to be sure you know which device is associated with which HDMI input on your TV, as well as knowing how to switch between them. I can't speak for all televisions, but on my HD TV the process is very straight forward. I did need sighted assistance a couple times to switch inputs, but once I memorized the order the input sources show up in on my menu switching became a breeze.

apple TV

I agree it is pretty easy to use. I sometimes stream from my iPad so I can find what I want using voice over. We use Apple TV all the time.

find what you want using

find what you want using voiceover? I'm confused. The Apple TV has voiceover built in.