Camera app - no zoom while running VoiceOver

Hello everybody,

it's my 1st post here, and I hope, this is the right way to poste an accessibility bug of Apple camera app.

In erlier versions of VoiceOver it was possible to zoom before taking a picture using the rotor (zoom) and afterwards swyping the finger downward or upward.

This is'nt working for a longer period. I think, since IOS 9. I reported this bug to Apple, but nothing happened, and I did not see this bug in the bug listing here.

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#1 you are right

i'm glad you mentioned it. the zoom or has been broken since ios 9.0. nobody talks about it because most people don't use the camera app enough to care, i suppose. do let us know if you hear anything back from apple. i'd have contact them myself, but i'm just a 13 year old bohemian.

#2 hi duble tap on Viewfinder in

hi duble tap on Viewfinder in the camra and then try to find zoom in roter in my case when i am flik up and down it is not telling me the percentage how much i am zooming in or out and i am not sure that it is zooming or not but the option is there

#3 zoom rotor

the zoom rotor is there all the time, one does not need to tap the view finder to make it show up. the problem is it is not a working rotor.

#4 I'm also able to find zoom but

It doesn't tell the percentage when i swipe up and down.

#5 Yes, rotor is there, but the zoom does not work at all


as I told yesterday, there is an entry in the rotor, but when I use it, it does not work. I can see a litle bit, so I'm sure, it does not work. It's not only, that the percentage is not spoken. It really does not zoom

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#6 Bug remains in IOS 9.3


after installing IOS 9.3 the bug is not fixed. Please help me announce the problem to Apple. I already sent a message to

I got no response from Apple

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