braille display issues and looking for something

My Focus 14 blue will not type with my iPad. I can do everything else with it, except type. I am running the latest version of IOS. I have turned the keyboard on in hopes that the problem would be solved. It's not. I have restarted the iPad, plus forgot the display and reinstalled it. Same issue.

I am also looking for a free and very accessible app that will do speech to text. I find that Siri won't insert punctuation. This is frustrating. I can't afford to send in my braille display. I type faster on the braille display than using the onscreen keyboard. I really need help with this. Searching using the onscreen keyboard is a very slow process for me; same with filling out information. Wayne



I use Braille Screen Input exclusively for typing these days as I find it much quicker than using the on-screen keyboard.

When using dictation with Siri, you need to tell it what punctuation you wish to insert. For example, for the sentence "Today is a nice day; I shall go outside", you must say "Today is a nice day semicolon I shall go outside period."

Regarding your Focus

This may be a silly question so please forgive me, but have you tried typing with this display on other devices so as to rule out a hardware issue? Do chord commands for navigation work as expected (dot1 and dot4 chord, etc)? I don't use a Focus myself so I can't advise about this display in particular, however I don't know of anything in iOS that would prevent you from typing in Braille. Indeed, I've never seen an option to turn the ability off so long as your display supports it.

Focus 14

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HI Wayne. Have you reset the focus 14 itself? This doesn't make sense to me, but this solved the issue for me with a client once with the Focus 14, reset your network settings. You will lose all of your wifi info, but that should do the trick along with resetting the Focus 14. Good luck.

I don't know how to reset the Focus 14

How do you reset the Focus 14? I'll try the reset network settings. What is the difference between braille display input and braille screen input?