Words clumping together in braille screen input.

Hello all. Since iOS 13, I've had this strange issue occur where 2 or more words get their spaces removed when I enter a space after them. Some days it never happens, and others make it almost impossible to type a message without going back through and fixing everything.

The clumping seems to happen whenever VO makes a bubbly sound, like when you get a menu pop-up, or when alternative characters are available on the standard on screen keyboard.

Is there any way for me to get rid of this issue? Thanks in advance.


If you don't need them, you

If you don't need them, you can try turning suggestions and stuff like that off from keyboard settings.

Words clumping together.

I've just recently begun using BSI, and I've had the same issue. I thought it was just a BSI quirk and there was nothing to be done about it, or that maybe I was doing something wrong. As far as I know, I have all suggestions turned off, but I will take another look at my settings.

I am also experiencing this

Hi. Yes I am also experiencing this problem. it started when I got my iPhone 11 pro. never did this on my 7 and it doesnt do it on my sisters phone and she has a 11. my suggestions are off. its a weird thing.

I'm having the same issue

Hello. I'm having the same issue with Braille Screen Input. When I put a space after the word, Voiceover acts normal. When I check the message I wrote in Braille, words seemed to have been clumped together. It's been happening a lot more these days. It's so annoying. I have the latest update of IOS... I'm using an iPhone 11 Pro Max.

I have had this issue as well

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I have had this issue as well. Sometimes you have to swipe right for the space again to get it to work. This is why I have echo set to words when in BSI so I'm sure to hear the word which will let me know that I have indeed entered a space.

i also noticed

I also noticed with braille screen input that sometimes the space and enter doesn't register right away so I have to do it a few times before it will do what I want. have had all these problems since I got my new phone.