What shortened Braille formats does iOS or OS X support?

Braille on Apple Products

My VoiceOver is getting beautiful - on iPhone itʻs both in English and in Italian - which is neat because moving it a bit or playing with the rotary it gives me sometimes better options (when the pronunciation doesnʻt get confusing).

Now Iʻve got the Perkins type keyboard set up on both iPhone and iPad Mini.

But the Braille I try to type is often "contracted". Now WHAT contracted format does it use? US Level 2? UEB?

I donʻt know contracted US Braille or UEB yet (I only know level 1).
Does it try Italian Braille as I often type in Italian?
I thought Italian used just regular, full-length braille, no short code. Does anyone here know Italian Braille better?

Does it try to guess what language Iʻm typing in?

How do I do ROW CHANGE, SPACE BAR and CANCEL CHARACTER in Perkins input mode?

Everything comes as a long chain of letters, and VoiceOver doesnʻt give me enough help in listening. I can type the whole phrase I want to write, but there are words in the middle that are in Italian and in English, like now practicing just the alphabet there was "with" in the middle.

Itʻd really help if I could e.g. hear what I typed in Perkins (AND get to see the text regularly). Or Iʻd even gladly keep that keyboard in the non-VoiceOver mode too, if only I could see or hear what I type...



Submitted by Unuhinuiʻi on Thursday, January 15, 2015

... while fiddling on the iPhone last night. My OS is set to US English (usually); Braille translation options listed are: English Unified (selected, even if Iʻm not fluent), English US, English UK. / So... as Iʻm level 1, this is challenge and good training.
I got added a few more languages to Rotary, and found a way to switch between them (itʻs worth trying even if you donʻt have other strong languages). So now some software options are easier to test too, like "I wonder what that button does".
On TABLETOP (aka PERKINS, hands on screens, thumbs next to each other) style, space = swipe to right, delete a character = swipe to left. With VO on, itʻll read the letters, which is good so itʻs easier to type correctly (I recommend headphones). But HOW do I get to the next row or end a sentence? (This may be an issue with one of the non-Braille keyboard layouts I use for typing typing. I just donʻt seem to find the gesture to change the row)
On the other mode (123 and 456 on sides, 1 4 and 3 6 on the same direction), similar swipe actions to space and delete. But where is the row change?