Voice dream writter app problems or any other recommendations for word processing or text editing apps that work with Braille

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Hi Everyone,
Firstly many thanks to you all so far.
I have got a bit of a problem with Voice Dream writer in the sense that when I export the documents as RTF or word the headings don't show up even though I've marked them within the Writer app itself and they appear in the outline view. I have emailed Voice dream support to make them aware of the issue but has anyone exsperienced this problem as well?
Finally, can anyone recommend a good text or writting app for taking notes etc that works with Braille and is universal so I can edit it on my phone and it will sink in icloud or dropbox therefore I could view it on windows and use the find command to locate dates etc?
Remember I have already tested create text file in drop box but can only type a few lines using my Orbit Reader Braille display.
I would really appreciate any help.



Submitted by Tim Noonan on Wednesday, October 23, 2019

ByWord is an iOS and Mac app that works in plaintext or RTF. It supports Markdown and you can export your Markdown to HTML, Word or RTF using the app.

It supports dropbox and iCloud Drive for file sharing.

Where you may run into trouble, though, is that Mac/iOS and Windows use different line endings in text files. ByWord isn't geared for CR LF line endings, so you may need to use a smart text editor on Windows, like Notepad++ to open the files with correct line spacing.

I haven't used VoiceDream Writer for some time, so don't know if I have the headings export issue - but I do find that any word file I load into VoiceDream Reader doesn't honour the heading markup in the file for navigation. I suspect it's the word read/write library they use that is the problem.