Virtual Braille Input for Mac?

You know how there is a Braille Keyboard Input for the iPhone and iPad? It's already built in.
Is there anything like that for Mac? Is there a way to type like that on Mac instead of having a External Braille Keyboard/Display?
I know about the Braille Writer App for Mac but I want to be able to type like that all the time, not just in one program.


I dono if this will work, but, it's worth a shot.

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I know you're not looking for an app, as you want to do this globally. Natively, I don't think there is anything, but, that said, there is a free app you can search for called Turkey Duck. I don't know if that only works without the app itself, or if it works globally. I heard somewhere, it seems, that you could set it up globally, but I very well could be wrong, so don't shoot me if I am. I just figured since the app is free, you've got nothing to lose with trying.


I've never seen any such feature within the Voiceover Braille settings, and it's not worth getting hardware input either. Braille on Mac is a broken mess.