Using ms word app on Iphone with Orbit reader 20

Braille on Apple Products

Hi all,
I have now sussed out pages and can edit and format documents in pages using my Orbit reader. However, I need to be able to edit the MS word file which I export from Pages to dropbox so I decided to install the MS word App when prompted by dropbox to try and edit my word file in dropbox.
But I discovered that when I finally managed to open the doc in dropbox after typing one sentence dot 8 didn't seem to insert a new line when pressed.
I also found this in new docs that I create.
If anyone has used the MS word app with Braille and has successfully created a or edited a file please let me know.
Equally, I have discovered that when I opened the document on my PC the headings were still there in the word file that was exported from pages but not when I checked with the routor in the office word app on my Iphone
Any help would be great!