using iBooks with a braille display in iOS 10

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Has anyone experienced problems reading in iBooks since the upgrade using your braille display? I feel like even though I have US english braille selected, it looks more like unified english. I see this in no other reading app. Also, it aggravates me that when you turn pages in iBooks, the display doesn't always land at the beginning of the page. And when I select a chapter in the table of contents, and don't read the book straight through, the panning left and right between options gets stuck. Never seen problems in iBooks with a braille display like this before. Oh and this is on top of being frustrated that Apple had my phone in recovery mode with no speech to let me know about it when I updated the other day. I had to have someone sighted tell me that the lightning cable picture was on the screen so I could plug it into iTunes. I would think that someone from the beta team would have tested iBooks before the update came out. This is disappointing.



Submitted by charles on Friday, September 16, 2016

Your problem during the upgrade is an example of why I always stress the importance of always using iTunes to do major firmware updates. By using the computer's screen reader as a monitor of the upgrade, you will know if problems occur. Trying to do such upgrades over the air is a problem just waiting to happen, and you will have a brick instead of a phone. During the process, Voice-Over stops operating, and you won't know of errors.

Submitted by Anna Beige on Friday, September 16, 2016

I use Kindle instead of iBooks, but on certain websites in Safari, my braille translation table will switch to Unified English Braille, too.
I reported it to Apple Accessibility on Wednesday, and got a reply yesterday.
I think you and I are sort of having the same issue, regarding the translation table. You should write an email to and describe the bug you're having.

Submitted by Am on Sunday, September 25, 2016

I also youse iBooks and i had THE same problem but there is a solution. In iOS 10 is iT possible to remove THE apps from Apple so remove THE iBooks app from your device and go to Apple-store and download iT back On your device. Be ware: all THE books you bought on iBooks are stil availeble but THE books you had downloaded from your computer don't so be Shure that you can put these books tru your computer back on you iBooks.