Using focus 14 blue with iOS

Braille on Apple Products

Hello' I have had a focus 14 blue braille display for quite some time and havent been able to learn how to use it because I somehow accidentally locked the keyboard and didnt know how to fix that' Now it is fixed and I am beginning to learn how it works' I would like some advice and some keystrokes to be able to learn how to use it' It is a really good braille display in my opinion but I need advice'
Thanks for any help' //Sabrina
Ps for some reason I cannot seem to switch keyboard languages wich is why my typing is sloppy'



Submitted by Usman on Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Freedom Scientific has great resources with respect to working with the focus line of displays. Also, you could look in the box that your display came in. When I got my focus 40, there was a CD that had manuals for using the display with the computer as well as IOS.