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Need some help from a Braille user. I just bought a Brailliant 14 in hopes of improving my decades-faded Braille literacy from "utterly abysmal" to, with luck, "not entirely sucky" and I need to understand this new fangled UEB thing. Voiceover makes reference to "English (Unified)" as a Braille table, but doesn't mention it in reference to 8-dot or 6-dot input or output. The Brailliant doesn't mention UEB at all--just computer and literary, with language specified just as English US. If I'm going to be relearning contractions, punctuation, and special characters, I want to use the new standard. My first question is, is my display showing me UEB when I set it to output computer Braille? And, when I input, do I do so with UEB when I select 8-dot or 6-dot?
Finally, I can't find a reference that tells me the dot patterns verbally for all the UEB characters. I've looked. I could just type stuff on the QWERTY and learn it that way, but way, but I need to know first if what I'm feeling on the display is UEB.



Submitted by Travis Roth on Tuesday, December 10, 2019

I can't speak to the Brailliant 14 as I don't' have one. My understanding is it has two modes: it's own notetaker apps, and then as a terminal that will display whatever the connected device says.
As for computer Braille, that is it's own code. It is not UEB.
The iPhone does allow to set input and output separately, so you can read in UEB and write in computer Braille. This may be confusing you. For the most part especially when learning I'd suggest keeping the codes matching.
Here is a table (well several tables) that show UEB codes. They seem to be laid out fairly nicely.

Submitted by Voracious P. Brain on Thursday, December 12, 2019

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Those tables were exactly what I needed. And I was able to confirm the Brailliant does support UEB. Thanks very much

Submitted by Mara on Sunday, January 19, 2020

Assuming you have UEB set in the phone's Braille settings the output will be UEB as this is controlled by voiceover not the Brailliant. In short 6 dot Braille will give you uncntracted and 8-dot is some kind of computer Braille. But stick with UEB as this is what everybody is using and learjet right now.