Trouble Using Google Docs with Braille Display in IOS 10

Braille on Apple Products

Hello, all. I am running IOS 10 on an iPhone 6 with 16 gb and using a Brailliant 40 BI display, and I recently updated its firmware. I have noticed some major difficulties when trying to write using Braille in Google Docs.

The difficulties are twofold. For one thing, while the braille shows the content I type, it seems that, for no reason, I am put back to the top of the document when I begin a new line or go back and try to read something I have typed. I have never experienced this in Google Docs and am wondering what might be happening.

Also, I have noticed that, at times, in google Docs, the Brailliant will freeze and I will have to reset it in order to keep typing. In addition, I have tried alternating QuickNav (which I don't really understand) on and off, and now it seems to be alternating on its own. Please note that I never experienced these issues with Google Docs prior to the recent update to IOS 10.

I really need portability in many of my job-related tasks, and Google Docs has been my go-to tool for quite some time. So I have two questions.

First, is anyone else experiencing these difficulties and/or have any idea as to what might be happening? Second, if these things can't be resolved, I will need to have some other way to take notes on the go. What are some other recommendations for current apps that serve this function?

Thanks for your help.



Submitted by kevinchao89 on Saturday, September 24, 2016

I'm using a different configuration: iPhone 7, VarioUltra 40, but I am not experiencing issues with editing in Docs.

Submitted by John Farina on Saturday, September 24, 2016

With my focus 14 and iPhone 6 (iPad mini-4 also) I experience the same issues with google docs. Also I have seen something like this in access note and yesterday with word so it appears to be wide spread. However, I believe it was present in the previous version of iOS as well.

Submitted by kevinchao89 on Saturday, September 24, 2016

Interesting that it affects multi-apps on multi-iOS versions/devices.
Engineers will need to know pattern / repro steps in order to debug/fix. DO we know the exact condition in which this occurs?