Trouble typing characters in to iPhone using Braille pen slim

Braille on Apple Products

Hi. When I have my braille pen slim paired to my iPhone and I try to type, there is a 2 second lag between when I type a letter and when the iPhone speaks that letter. If I keep typing and don't wait for the speech to say each letter before typing the next, I make mistakes. I have typing feedback for both software and hardware keyboards set to both characters and words. At first, I thought it was a slow bluetooth connection and a big delay between when I typed something and when the iPhone received it. But then I noticed when I deleted a letter or did space with dot 4 to move through elements, it happened quite fast. So I don't think it's a problem with the bluetooth connection. It only happens when I try to type letters, numbers or punctuation. Other keystrokes work fine. I have tried telling the phone to forget the braille pen and reparing it. I have also tried resetting the braille pen and then turning it off and back on as well as turning the phone off and back on. The problem is still there. I really need this fixed as the main device I use for typing, my Apex is away getting fixed. Help please! Thank you.