is there any text editor app like voice dream reader where braille display follows voiceover?

Braille on Apple Products

Hello everyone, I have a following problem. I have a scanned textbook where there are lot of names and dates. I wonder what text editor or reading program shall I use in order to read the book with voiceover and look at details with a braille display. Consider the following made up passage. Lot of american presidents follow the usual and expected road when executing the policy dictated by their political party. The current american president certainly does not do that. For that reason one can say that Donald Trump is an unusual character. Let us say that I read this paragraph with voiceover, however, I don't know how to spell donald trump. I want to pause the reading when I hear the name and imediately look the way the word is spelled using my focus 14 braille display. However, at least when I use the voice dream reader my braille display is somewhere else, than the words that were just read. Can someone help with this or suggest different text editor for reading? Many thanks.


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