the status of braille in ios 10

Braille on Apple Products

for some time now, i have been hearing how good it is to have a braille display linked to my ios devices, and i am had my eye on the focus 14 blue. firstly, is that a good display for ios use? is 14 cells really practical for reading texts e-mails responding to them etc? i just want a solution that saves me keep having phone by ear when out to hear things going on.lastly, does the focus 14 auto-advance work at all in ios 10 or in the upcomming ios 11? since i guess to keep panning an annoyance?thoughts?Will



Submitted by Dawn 👩🏻‍🦯 on Saturday, June 24, 2017


It depends on your use patterns. What do you use your phone for? Do you read a lot? Do you do a lot of typing? These are all things you need to consider in my opinion. For example, if I got a 14 cell display, I'd go crazy because I do a heck of a lot of reading and typing, and I'm very fast at both. Plus, I use braille every day and for me, 14 cells just ain't going to cut it. For me, I'd go with the next teer up which is 32. I cannot tell you what the right amount of cells is for you. Hope this helps.