Split View on iPad Using Braille Display

Braille on Apple Products

Hi all,
Is it possible to get focus to the split view slider control via Braille display only?
What I mean is this:
if I am in an app I can press dots 1-6 chord to switch to a overlayed app that takes up a third of the screen. To get to split view so both apps are active (50-50) you must navigate to the vertical splitter control and choose an action. I cannot seem to navigate to this control without using touch. I'd like to navigate to it using the Braille display.
Note: once split view is active, then the Braille display commands to move between apps, dots 2-6 chord and dots 3-5 chord do land on the splitter control. This doesn't work in overlay mode though even when the splitter is on the screen. Is there a secret to this?