Somebuddy has tryed one of the 2 braille displays?

Braille on Apple Products

Hello, at this time i think about upgrating my braille display to newer braille display. I use VarioUltra braille display from Baum. I thot about one of the braille displays. bowuth from Hims campeny. i am very enthusiastic from the Braille Sence Polaris and the Q Braille XL. bowuth interesting me. one because the qwerty ability, and seccond because the note taking ability. I want to ask if bowuth works with ios and TV OS devices and how it's good innuth? somebuddy has tryed one of them or bowuth Thanks for your replys..



Submitted by Life in Six Dots on Wednesday, April 22, 2020

The Polaris hasn’t been updated for a good while now. It’s running an old version of Android, and the hardware could do with an upgrade in my opinion. It you need a notetaker at this time I would seriously look at the BrailleNote Touch Plus.

Submitted by mmote on Wednesday, April 22, 2020

I really like using the Q Braille with my Ios devices. I usually use it as a regular braille display with my phone. I like to use the QWERTY keyboard features, or Hybrid Mode as it is called, with my Apple TV. I find that to be very useful. It really works well with IOS. Sometimes, it is frustrating, because you lose focus when replying to a message in Facebook or the messages app, but I think that is an IOS issue and not the braille display.