Some questions about Braille in macOS Catalina

Braille on Apple Products

Hi everyone!
I've been considering to buy a MacBook air since a week or so. Now, I have some questions about the recent braille support in macOS 10.15 Catalina.
1. How does braille displays work in general? On my iPad Pro, it works very well. I've heard about some issues on the mac, for example that the focus doesn't update if you switch from one to another window.
2. How does the single-item mode work? I really don't liked the braille outpot on macOS as I tried it out in an Apple Store a few years ago. Since this year, Apple has implemented the so-called Single-Item-Mode so that the braille output can be compared with that we're having on iOS/iPadOS. While using this single item mode, does all work very well? So is there any focus issue or some other issues?
3. Which issues or other important things must I consider? You have to know that I'm a Windows user using JAWS 2019.

I appreciate every answer!
Thank y'all,
Edit: I forgot to say that I'm using a Freedom Scientific Focus 40 Blue braille display.