Safari interface looks different with Braille display & iOS 7.1

Braille on Apple Products

Hello folks,
I'm using IOS Version 7.1 with iPhone 4S, and an Optelec Alva BC640. When I'm not using my Braille display, and I double tap on the address of a Website in Safari, I get the onscreen keyboard that allows me to type an address, and the Go button is in the bottom right-hand corner for me to double tap when I'm finished typing an address. If my Braille display is paired and connected, I don't get the onscreen keyboard, and instead of the Go Button, I have an element that says: Private browsing, disabled. When I Braille an address and tab forward past cancel, I get a top hit heading and then usually the address I wanted. Is this difference between the interface with and without a keyboard the way it is supposed to be?