QuickNav with Braille display keyboard still not working in IOS 8.1.3

Braille on Apple Products

Hello. Ever since IOS 8 was released, there has been a bug with QuickNav and refreshable Braille display keyboards. In IOS 8, QuickNav is supposed to be toggled on and off by typing q plus the spacebar on Braille display keyboards, but typing this combination only results in VoiceOver always saying "QuickNav on" and the state of QuickNav is unchanged. I read a lot of Braille books using BARD Mobile, and it is important to be able to turn QuickNav off in order for the Braille shortcut keys in BARD Mobile to work correctly. It is my understanding that Apple is aware of this issue, but, as far as I can tell, it hasn't been corrected yet. Does anyone know of any other work-arounds besides pressing the left and right arrows simultaneously on a Bluetooth keyboard, since I don't have a Bluetooth keyboard? Thank you. Jeanine