problems with my focus 40

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Hi all, I have a focus 40 Blue and two of the dots are stuck in the up position. So for example, when I turn on the display it should say "Focus 40." But because of these two dots that won't move it says "focus WZ." I just sent it back for repair last month when the intire display went out. I would like to avoid having to do this again if at all possible. Does anyone know any tricks that may work to fix this? If so pplease let me know! Thanks so much, Holly



Submitted by Nafisah on Sunday, July 8, 2012

Hi Holly, have you tried completely depriving the display of power? I.e. unplugging all power cords, removing all batteries? That might work as I think it would reset the unit.

Submitted by Eileen on Thursday, July 12, 2012

,have you tried cleaning the display? ,FS tech support can advise how to reset the unit. In my experience a drop of water from my cup or my eye drops can cause the dots to stick. Oil from lotions and chocolates rub off my fingers and make the display blurry. Crumbs from chips add weird fantom dots. Well I try to resistill eating while working but it's hard.LOL I generally turn the display upside down so the dots can hand down breely. to dry. This also, has the advantage, that if any dots stick after cleaning they stick in the up position and not the down position. good luck!