Problem with my focus 14 blue

Braille on Apple Products

Hi! I have a focus 14 blue braille display. For some reasons the braille buttons, the ones you write with and that are needed for most of the commands, are not working. I have tried a lot of things like restoring settings, restoring my phone and even making my phone forget the display but nothing works. Is there a way to reset the actual display if that\s what has to be done.



Submitted by Wayne Scott Jr on Monday, August 15, 2016

Try resetting your network settings. Go into settings, to general, reset and choose network settings. I have a smiliar problem with my Focus 14 blue as I can't enter my password on iTunes unless I turn on my onscreen keyboard. I am also wondering how to reset the braille display. When I type in my password, nothing happens, unless I turn on my onscreen keyboard and do the characters that way. I got my Focus 14 Blue in 2014.

Submitted by Arjay on Thursday, August 25, 2016

Hi Sabrina,
Be sure that your braille display keyboard is not locked. This can happen accidentally, if the right buttons are pressed simultaneously. With the display not connected to anything (no active Bluetooth or USB connections), check the status line which is displayed on the braille line. You will see
"Focus 14 5.71 xx% (where xx is the battery capacity remaining), then, as you pan right, you should see blank cells, then three boxes, like dropped letter g's. If you feel a braille symbol kind of in the shape of a closed padlock, the keyboard is locked. To unlock the display, follow the steps below.

1. Be sure that the Focus 14 Blue’s status line is being displayed
a. If you are currently connected to a device and braille output from that device is being displayed instead of “Focus 14 5.71 Battery Charge %” etc. tap the power button to invoke the status line.
2. Press and hold the right Nav Mode button.
a. This is the small round button just behind the Nav Rocker at the right end of the braille display.
3. Press a cursor router key and release both the Nav Mode button and the cursor router key.
You can check whether the braille keyboard is locked by looking at the status line. You will have to press the right panning button to view the rest of the status line. If there is a braille symbol shape kind of like a padlock near the right end of the status line, the keyboard is locked.

Submitted by Sasha Stride on Sunday, November 20, 2016

I am sorry for not getting back to this until now' I didnt see the last responce' The keyboard was indeed locked and this is fixed now' Thanks very much for your help'