Perkins Products Braille display v5

Braille on Apple Products
Hi folks, I am about to evaluate the Perkins products Braille display v5. According to the manual it is to work with the ipad and iphone. I am looking for any feedback concerning how well it works with these devices and a pc. I have a client who is looking for a display and this is hopefully one of the options. I haven't opened the box but according to the manual nothing is mentioned about Braille input so I'm curious about that. More when I open the box and see how I like it. Any feedback appreciated.



Submitted by John Farina on Saturday, April 28, 2012

Good day to all, Now that I have opened the box and looked at the demonstration unit, I have some thoughts. 1. I was struck by the lack of typing keys to input text. This is a bluetooth capable display and I am not sure why a manufacturer would develop this kind of device without the traditional style perkins input keyboard. This especially strikes me because of the dealer of this product. As for connecting to my ipad that was seemless in the usual style of connecting displays. I was able to read an anticle in Access World with little problem using the pan right and left button, but again the lack of keyboard input menat I lost some basic i device navigation flexability. The display dots however were very crisp and I likes the feel. It is light weight and no doubt would be a good display but again I'm struck as to why one would use the device without input capacity.