Passwords and BSI

Braille on Apple Products

Hello all!

I have a question for you guys.
I just found out that I can type on my iPad with braille screen input! And while it's going to take some getting used to, I have a couple questions for you guys about it.

1. How can I get the braille keyboard to learn where my hands are for the most part on the iPad screen?
I've recalibrated a few times, and all it seems to do, is make things a bit funky, and my screen layout gets all screwed up. Keys in different places, and up higher on the screen are the main annoyances that I've run into so far with recalibration. Do you guys have any tips for me? Because if so, I'd veally appreciate them!

2. How do you guys enter passwords with BSI?
How do you guys enter passwords with numbers and letters and numbers in them?
Ithink I'd like to enter passwords with this method, at least some of the timeif possible.
What tips do you guys have for me when it comes to this?

3. Are there any free UEB. references that I can use and learn EB? And also, for quick reference for any EBAE. and computer braille symbols that I may need?
"i'd be happy to pay, as long as it doesn't cost to much.
And can I come here if I forget a symbol, or can't find it anywhere?

Thank you guys very much in advance!

P.S. How Do you punctuation emoji’s? I’d really like to do that.



Submitted by Dawn 👩🏻‍🦯 on Monday, September 7, 2020

I use contracted braille as my input and 6 dot as my output. And I use EBAE. but would like to learn UEB. though.
That should give you So more help in answering my questions.

Submitted by burak on Monday, September 7, 2020

to learn where the keys are located, activate braille screen input then hold one finger down until you hear something like discovery or training mode, then drag your finger to learn where dots are located.
It's possible to type passwords with braille screen input but you'll need to be careful and sure of what you're typing since voiceover will not announce it.
You can learn about ueb from here:

Hi. Do you need a display for that? Only reason I ask is because I don’t have one. Because I don’t have the funds to purchase one right now.

I meant the UEB. resource. Sorry,should have clarified.
Also, how do you type punctuation emojis in BSI? I've been trying to figure that one out too.
And if I forget a symbol for EBAE. or UEB. can I come here to get help?
I'm loving BSI. and I'd appreciate any tips you guys could give me on entering passwords too. Because for example, I've seen some posts about how difficult it is to ^enter passwords with letters and numbers in them. And my passwords have a combbination of letters and numbers in them.

Submitted by kool_turk on Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Passwords can be a bit iffy.

For me it can sometimes enter extra characters, but that also depends on what I'm entering the password for.

For example, it would do it for setting up my gMail, but not when signing in to Netflix.

What I do in situations like that is still use BSI, but write the password into the notes app, then cut and paste the text.

No extra characters get entered that way.

Braille Screen Input can be great, provided you don't forget how to write certain symbols.

It took me ages to work out how to write an underscore, and that depends on what code you use, luckily, I was able to find it on that site that was listed in one of the posts above.

Pity you can't just ask google or siri how you would write incert symbol in Braille, well it does work for Siri, but the answer you get is visual, which voiceover can't read.

Who knows, maybe it will be able to use OCR in iOS 14 and read it that way, but I still think a straight answer would be better, but since Braille has many codes, it's hard to tell what code you'r refering to.

Getting back to entering letters and numbers, depends on your password.

If you know the next thing you enter won't be interpreted as a number when entering a letter, then it should be fine.

For example, if you try to write 4gold830, before writing the G, you would have to use the letter sign, dots 5 and 6 to tell it you're entering letters.
Now, if that was a capitle G then you could just use the dot 6 instead because it wouldn't matter.

Confused yet?

I'm almost confused writing this lol.

I think when you start out, use the notes app to enter the text until you get use to it.