panning a braille display on the Mac

Braille on Apple Products

Hi Everyone,
I am running the latest update of Mac OS Sierra. I have tried this with several displays: the Vario Ultra, Brailliant, and Braille Edge. When I'm reading, such as a daisy book from Bookshare as an HTML page, my braille display cursor doesn't follow the VoiceOver cursor. For example, I move by headings to chapter 8; however, when I pan the braille display, it shows the title, author, and notice at the beginning of the book, even though VoiceOver is reading the text in chapter 8 with the speech. Is there something I can do to make the braille cursor match the VO cursor? It didn't do this before the Sierra update. I've also tried interacting and not interacting with the webpage; when I interact, it shows nothing.



Submitted by Chris on Thursday, March 23, 2017

I have been experiencing the same problems. This appears to be another bug in a long list. The only thing you can do is send your report to Apple's accessibility team with as much information as you can provide in the hopes that it will be fixed.