Pairing The PAC Mate Omni with an iPhone 4

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I recently purchased a Packmate Omni BX 400 from Freedomscientific. I was looking at the settings and noticed it had bluetooth capabilities, but when I tried to pare it with my iPhone, I was told that no bluetooth software was installed on my Packmate. Earlier today I called Freedomscientific tech support to ask how to install bluetooth on my Packmate Omni and whether or not I could pare my packmate and iPhone like you can with other notetakers. The man told me that that's not possible to do with any notetakers, but I thought it was. If anyone can help, I'm wondering if you can pare the Packmate with an iPhone and how to get bluetooth installed on my Packmate. Thanks.



Submitted by Piotr Machacz on Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Seriously, are fs reps. that, clueless? OK, you can pair other note takers, but not the pac mate. SOrry for being the bearer of bad news. First off, in their smart wisdom they chose that in its configuration it'd ship with 2 compact flash ports. ANd it's your job to buy things like wi-fi and bluetooth adapters. Even if you had bluetooth, the only way you can use a pac mate display with anything is to first separate it from the note taker by pooling the bottom latch. Except that doesn't have bluetooth either. It probably doesn't help that the pac mate is the only device with those limitations.