Orbit Reader 40 audio volume level examples

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The Orbit Reader 40 has recently been released, one of the questions that comes up is how loud is the display?
In this audio, you will hear the Orbit Reader 40 and reading aloud from across the room, and as well in my lap, both, the Braille refreshing and the Braille In on the 8 dot keyboard.



Submitted by Khushi on Wednesday, March 10, 2021

thank you so much :)
I was curious about this because I've heard that the orbit reader 20 is quite loud.. side note I have never touched a braille display ever in my life but I'm curious about them
thanks a lot.. I'll listen to this audio..

so I just heard it..
it was interesting to hear how a braille display sounds like! kinda cool :)
is every braille display loud like that? I think it's okay if like way too quiet if we compare it toa perkins Brailler.. I used it in my class a few years ago and it was quite loud to distract the whole class :)
thanks for this :)
I feel it'd be cool to take a braille display in hand one day :)
they're quite costly though.. so this is the only one I can consider of buying in India because its slightly more affordable.. I won't say its affordable but if we compare to the other displays out there :)

Submitted by Maldalain on Wednesday, March 10, 2021

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Not all braille displays that loud, some displays are virtually silent. A perkins brailler is some 10 times or more louder than the Orbit Reader..

Submitted by DrewWeber on Wednesday, March 10, 2021

You’re welcome! I am glad that it is giving you some understanding of what this display sounds like. One of the main differences is that this display refreshes character by character, versus the entire display refreshing at once. I think if every display refreshed character by Carriger it would be more noticeable as far as the volume even the ones from say freedom scientific.

Submitted by Joe on Wednesday, March 10, 2021

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A lot of displays are quiet but they cost several hundred more. In the case of the 40 actually about a thousand more. I think one needs to look at what they are going to do with it to see if that thousand dollars is justified. Me myself if I had no rehab help I would get the 40 just do to the savings and I could actually afford it. Most blind folks get the display bought by the state so the money factor doesn't enter there mind as it should.

people living in the west.. in countries like USA or UK have an advantage. because they can get tech funded and have amazing organisations like NFB.
here in India it isn't easy to get something like the Mantas
or any other humanwear or freedom scientific displays because they're way too costly.. you can get a 2wheeler in a cost of a braille display.. even more than that in case of something like those by humanwear or freedom scientific. they're becoming slightly common these days but not that much.