Opinions about BraillePen 12 Touch

Braille on Apple Products

Hello. I am looking into possibly getting a BraillePen 12 touch, but I've never had any hands-on experience with them. I would really appreciate it if anyone could give me their opinions and thoughts about the display. The one I'm most familiar with at this point in time is the Refreshabraille18. I just don't have $1700 in my pocket to buy one of those again. However, I love it. I like the small size and small keyboard. I don't know what it will be like to transfer to an even smaller display though. I played with a focus14 before and the reason I didn't care for it wasn't because of the size as much as it was the way you pan left and right. I didn't like having to hit the button with my thumb, or whatever it was, it was uncomfortable to me. From what I've read, the BraillePen 12 Touch is more similar in design to my Refreshabraille than the Focus14. That's a good thing. However, besides the basic online descriptions of the device, I haven't found any detailed descriptions or reviews. So any information from someone with hands-on experience would be greatly appreciated! Also, if you'd rather message me on Twitter than comment on here, my Twitter name is @MissAnonymous94. Thanks again!