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Greetings all.
Hope someone can help in this.
I have Brailliant2 and BrailleSense U2 32. When attached to my MBP I receive no braille output when browsing files and folders in Finder. Also when browsing any website, the links and all other contents are shown in braille except texts. In other words, the content of links, button names, headings, images and all other contents are shown except texts. To explain this more, when reading my post here on Applevis, I can read in braille my name as it is in link, yet the post itself does not appear on the braille display. This is for both my Brailiant2 and the U2. What makes me more disturbed is that I can not reset VoiceOver preferences. The option in File menu to reset all settings does not appear to work as I do still find that many settings I modified are still as I left them before doing any modifications.



Submitted by Jake on Thursday, November 17, 2016

Does this happen when you navigate with the keyboard or only when using Braille navigation keys? In other words, if the speech is speaking text, what exactly is the Braille showing? Is it blank or does it simply not update and get stuck on the previous item? This is one I've never seen before, so it's almost certainly a setting somewhere, and the fact that it happens with both displays means it's not a driver problem either.

Submitted by Maldalain on Friday, November 18, 2016

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Well, it is both when I use the navigation keys and using the Mac keyboard. If I am on the Desktop, I can navigate and hear VO announcing items I am navigating between, but the no braille output, just a blank line. If anyone has idea how to reset VO that would be great. Also this is for both displays and on a MPB and a Mac Air. So I suppose this is a VO bug.