Is MBraille dead as a 3rd party keyboard?

Braille on Apple Products

A couple years ago I was having trouble using MBraille as a 3rd Party keyboard. Since IOS braille screen input worked great, I switched. Now with IOS 14, Braille screen input is very sluggish, so I thought I'd try MBraille again. I've downloaded it, restored purchase, added as a third party keyboard and even allowed for full access. I've set it up to be in Away mode, home button always to the left, full screen and have locked portrait orientation. I've also played with settings and googled the problem. It works great when in stand-alone mode.

When using it as a 3rd party keyboard, I can't type. First, it always tells me "Direct touch area" Doesn't type. There's a roter setting to turn direct touch on; still doesn't type. Again, it works fine in stand alone mode. I even tried it with voiceover disabled. I don't have magnifier on, which I know is a problem in Braille Screen input. Is this a known problem? This is the problem I was having before which made me abandon it. I'd love to get to the bottomof this because MBraille is still very responsive in stand-alone mode. I don't want to use it in that though and have to go in and out when I want to type.

Thank you for your time.



Submitted by Ather on Wednesday, September 30, 2020

mBraille is honestly my favorite third-party keyboard and in my personal opinion, even better than Braille Screen Input. I find it to be much more responsive, especially since I'm a fast typer with it. However, unfortunately after the introduction of iOS 14, a bug was introduced making this keyboard unuseable until either the developer does something to fix it, or until Apple fixes something on their end. Based on my understanding of what might be going on, it's Apple who have to employ the fix, because I think there are other third-party keyboards such as Flicktype which are also currently not working with Voiceover. Someone can correct me if I'm wrong.

Submitted by Remy on Wednesday, September 30, 2020

So that's the problem. That's disappointing, especially with the sluggish speed of Braille screen input. But I'm sure a fix for both will be out at some point. 14's only been out a couple weeks after all.

Submitted by Tangela on Thursday, October 1, 2020

No, MBraille's developer has responded to the bug on the mbraille mailing list, and is aware of it. Unfortunately, it is something which apple will need to fix, but the developer is still responding to feedback and questions and presumably working on the app.