Issues Pairing BraillePen 12 Touch

Braille on Apple Products

I purchased two new BraillePen 12 Touch units on sale and received them and they seem fine (all the tests come out ok).
I just have this problem.
I can't pair it to my iPad Mini 2 running iOS 10.2.
I have read that the code is 1234 but this was just some random website telling me that.
The manual does not say.
Does anybody know the code or is it one of those ones that you have to type the code displayed on the screen? (I can't hear well enough to understand the messages, and oddly Apple made it so your other displays don't displays while pairing a new one!)
I know the focus ones are having pairing issues for 10.2 so wondering if BP might also.
Please help as I love these units and want to use them.



Submitted by UndergroundRiver on Sunday, January 8, 2017

I couldn't pair it with the iPhone running 10.2, nor with my Mac running Sierra, and it won't even work with the Mac through USB (not sure if that is even a feature).
Has anybody else here got a BraillePen12 Touch? the info says the bluetooth name starts with bp12, but mine starts with el12.

Submitted by Dawn on Monday, January 9, 2017

Hello there!

I'm sorry you're having problems. But at least you found them on sale! Ok here's what I think. I don't have a display, but, I think I have a feeling on what's going on.

Ok, you say you're running 10.2. Sadly, I don't think it's the code. There was an entry about this type of annoying issue. Sadly, Apple has a bug in this version, that was discovered late in beta. I could be wrong, but I'm pretty sure that's what's wrong.

When it comes to how to remedy the issue, I'm incrediblly sorry to say, that there's nothing I can do for you. Until a knew version of ios comes out, I'm afraid to say, you're stuck.

Submitted by gregg on Wednesday, January 18, 2017

i have a braille pen12. The code is 1234. The display will begin with EL and part of the serial number as the ID. The pairing is done from the voiceover settings screen under the braille section. The number and the pair on screen must be done very quickly. The code is entered on the IOS device. If it it is paired from the bluetooth settings screen, it will not work. There is no USB option. The manual for pairing the display to bluetooth a computer is too complicated to comment on here.