An Issue I've noticed with iBooks and my Braille Display

Braille on Apple Products

Hi, I'm using an iPhone 4S and a Refreshabraille 18. I first started using iBooks on my old iPod Touch 4G, before I got an iPhone, and noticed the same issue with my braille display and the app. When I start reading a book with my braille display, at first, it's fine. The, after a bit, VoiceOver seems to lose focus. It will either take me to the library button (at the top of the screen), or to the page chooser. It sometimes does this while I'm still reading a page, too, or just after I turn a page. Although, with the latest update to iBooks (Version 3.1), it now will also say page number before I'm done reading a page. Also, when I restart my phone, it's fine for a bit, then it starts doing it again. I have no clue what the problem is. I'm using Epub files in iBooks, transferred via iTunes. I've switched iOS reading apps, but I always seem to come back to iBooks, despite the problem I've been having. I like iBooks better than all of the other Epub reading apps that I can choose from. I've tried Googleing this problem, but nothing seems to come up. I'm not sure if it's just me who is having the problem or not. If anyone else has it, or knows what I can do to fix it, I would appreciate the help. Thanks in advance!