iPad 5th Generation not connecting to Focus 40 Blue (5th Generation)

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Hello all,

I've been having a weird problem with my Focus 40 (5th generation) and my iPad 5th generation. When I try to connect, it says:
"Pairing Unsuccessful."
"Focus 40 BT E3BC8911 is not supported."
The iPad is running 13.4, so what's the problem? What's weird, though, is my iPad Pro is running 13.3.1, my phone running 13.2, and my iPad Air 2 running 12.4.1 and they pair just fine.




Submitted by Christopher Duffley on Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Hello there,

While I don't own a Focus, I've tried one out and have absolutely loved it. I, myself, use iOS 13.4 and haven't had really any issues connecting to a Focus (apart from having to turn off Bluetooth to force it to connect).

I would suggest pressing the Menu button to enter the Status menu and then Menu again to enter the Config menu and scroll down with the Rocker Bar to Connections. If your iPad is listed, try deleting the connection with I believe it's Left Shift+D and press Y for Yes. Afterwards, press Menu + the dot number for which you want your iPad to be connected to, and then unpair and re-pair the Focus in Braille settings.

Anyone else have anything to say on this?

Take care,