iOS 8.3 Braille Display Typing Feedback Problem

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Hi. I am having a problem in iOS 8.3 that I have not had in previous iOS versions. I made a post on this site about how in iOS 8.2.1, I was having a problem where there was a huge lag between the time I typed a letter on my braille display and when my iPhone spoak that letter. Well, now with iOS 8.3, even though typing feedback for both software and hardware keyboards is set to both, the iPhone will not give any typing feedback after I type a letter and will only say the word after I type a space. Is this an iOS 8.3 problem or do I have something set wrong. I have tried restarting the phone and resetting the braille pen and making the 2 devices forget each other and paring them again. Nothing has fixed it.



Submitted by Berty on Friday, April 24, 2015

Hi Jessica. Maybe you're on contracted mode. Try to switch to Six Dots mode by 3 finger flick to the right or left in Braille onscreen keyboardt o toggle them. Hope that helps.

Submitted by Jessica Brown on Friday, April 24, 2015

Hi. Before I made this post, I was already using 6 dot uncontracted braille. That's the only way I type braille.