ios 13 with Braille and a question about 1 writer again

Braille on Apple Products

Hi all,
I got my self a new I phone today and it wants to upgrade to IOS 13.2 now except for where the Braille sometimes misses letters out when you type and you have to put them back in (This is according to a friend who uses braille and has already updated) is there any of the bugs that have been resolved in IOS 13.2 and anything major I should be aware of.
I am using an I phone 6 SE which won't stay on version 12 so I am forced to update.
equally is there a way around apart from retyping the miss letters/words to stop this happening or at least a quicker alternative as the Orbit reader doesn't have cursor keys.
Finally, I used 1writer to create a document then renamed it on dropbox on windows and now I can't open it again in one writer. Any ideas and if not does AI writter work with braille or any other writing apps that would allow Braille keyboard input as struggle with touch screen and need tactile feedback.