Introducing New Leverage to Use Braille Files

Braille on Apple Products

Greetings to all AppleVis users and editorial team members,

We are C-FES Co. Ltd, iOS app developer based in Osaka, Japan
and excited to introduce our newly developed iOS app,
“Voice Braille Reader” to you.

“Voice Braille Reader” is optimized with all NABCC compliant BRF and BRL files
by your own iOS devices and recites all your collections into words and voice.

Furthermore, We are currently working on optimizing with UEB compliant files for future version up as well.

You can go anywhere with your iOS devices to listen and read favorite Braille books in English with pleasure.

We are also developed and providing Japanese version of iOS app called BES reader
in AppStore of Japan launched on July, 2015 by association with Nippon Lighthouse, Welfare Center for The Blind,
and so much users enjoy tapping into their Braille file collections.

For sharing its usefulness and innovativeness, we would like AppleVis user to encourage experiencing
our newly released “Voice Braille Reader”.

If you are interested in the App and would like to know more about “Voice Braille Reader”,


App Store Page

and Facebook Page

Looking forward hearing your impressions!!



Submitted by Sof on Wednesday, September 16, 2015


If I understand you well, your app allows us to read BRF files using our iOS compatible device? That sounds great indeed, as many online libraries for blind are delivering their content also in BRF format. Do you plan to support other languages in addition to English? I'm French.

Thanks for your interesting project.

Submitted by Scott Davert on Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Member of the AppleVis Editorial Team

In the US, we have an app which allows you to read brf files with a braille display, but you must be a member of the National library Services for the Blind to use this app. Does this app allow you to open brf files to also read with a braille display? If not, can this be added as a feature? Many thanks for posting this to the forums!

Hello, Sof

Thank you for warm words to Voice Braille Reader.
We just have launched Voice Braille Reader and have to let engineers have little break before developing whole new language. We wish to develop but all depends on demands of current Voice Braille Reader.
Hoping you to enjoy English books with Voice Braille Reader for now and announce French version in sooner.

Au revoir

Submitted by C-FES Japan on Thursday, September 17, 2015

In reply to by Scott Davert

Hello, Mr. Scott Davert,
Thank you for asking. Main feature of Voice Braille Reader is to translate Braille files into voice-recite
and iOS displaying by alphabetical words for lower vision users.
It works single iOS device alone. There is situation I personally am assuming of;
A person who want to continue reading Braille file with Braille Display,
but it is too late for stay up. He/She can keep follow the rest of Braille file contents
using Voice Braille Reader while laying down bed until doze.
Launch version of Voice Braille Reader does not work with Braille Display.
Attachment with it would be possible upon user's demands and further developments.
I hope this would clarify your question. Excuse us if we are not suitable for posting in this forum.

Submitted by C-FES Japan on Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Updated version includes;
-Extended to 15min reading duration instead of previous 5min/ a day for Free version,
Voice Braille Reader LITE.
-Auto-sync for iCloud back-up added.
-Other Bug fix reflecting feedbacks.

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